Read & React – Strategy Plenary Preview

The following presenters have written a few provocative assertions for you to review and react to ahead of the Strategy Plenary on the first day of the USCAN National Conference.   These  statements are meant to start a conversation and provide the first (but not only) place for comments, feedback, and questions among participants. Please click on the the names below –sequenced from inside to outside strategy– to access individual statements.

Hint: you will need a password to access (the same used for registration.)  Each page has its own  comment section that we encourage you to use.


Greg Dotson

Center for American Progress



Jeremy Symons

Environmental Defense Fund




Liz Perera

Sierra Club


RevWoodberry2Rev. Leo Woodberry

Kingdom Living Temple and Environmental Justice Leadership Forum


Fernando Headshot CROP

Fernando Mejia-Ledesma



Janet Redman

Institute for Policy Studies



Will Lawrence

Divestment Student Network



Session Description

How can we get action at the needed scale in the next 5-10 years? Do we make another run at pricing carbon through US congress in the next 5-10 years, or does our strategy need to be something totally different? How do we hold oppositional ideas in a productive way?

Session Goal

‘Prime the Pump’ on strategy with overviews of different movement theory(ies) of change for the next 5-10 years. To be continued in breakouts.